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Loyalton High School is committed to high expectations and achievement for all students. We encourage  students to become knowledgeable, critical thinkers; effective communicators; and healthy individuals who exercise self-discipline and productive, positive citizenship..


Located in Sierra County, LHS is the only separate high school facility in the Sierra Plumas Unified School District, and accommodates students in grades 7-12 from the eastern section of Sierra and Plumas Counties. LHS offers seven Advanced Placement courses and honors classes as well as complete a-g course offerings for the college-bound student. A variety of vocational programs are offered through the district and through the William R. Rouse Regional Occupation Program. Loyalton High was recognized as a “Distinguished School.”


What’s Happening in SPJUSD?

Secretary of State - Voting In California      Secretary of State - Register to Vote

Alan is a former SPJUSD student. Please consider sharing or donating. See MoreSee Less

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Don’t forget this Thursday and Friday at Loyalton Elementary School students can come and get their books from the book drive from 10:00 to 2:00. See MoreSee Less

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A start to fair pictures, stall cards ….etc. And of course our illustrious Mr. Jones.

2 weeks ago

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The Sierra Valley Grange is proud to announce Scholarship awards to 3 Loyalton High School seniors. …

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=agr6YLZfVoc&feature=youtu.be See MoreSee Less

At the end of every year, the students of Downieville School perform a musical that brings together …

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Joyce L. Pray Whitea very nice video and just so you know, the plays definitely give something back to the community, both young and old enjoy. Thank you all for partifipating!1 month ago   ·  1

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1 month ago

AT Loyalton’s School Cafeteria


What’s Happening With Friday Night Live?

Fun trip to Sunsplash with Club Live yesterday. We may be able to take another Trip in August if you are interested. Stay tuned and have a healthy and safe summer! See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Can you tell the difference between an e-cigarette, a pen
or pencil?
Vape Pens,E-Hookahs and Electronic Smoking Devices or ESD’s usually contain nicotine, are flavored and are powered
by a lithium battery.

They do not produce smoke in the traditional sense,
they produce an aerosol. Contrary to what the companies marketing these products want you to believe, the aerosol is NOT just harmless water vapor. E-cigarette aerosol has been found to contain at least ten chemicals known tocause cancer, and birth defects.

Flavors are used to market these products to youth.
Studies of e-cigarette use show that bystanders absorb nicotine from passive exposure (second hand smoke).
In 2014 slightly more than half of the reported exposures
occurred in young children under the age of 6.
Data Provided by the CA Department of Public Health

They are not just harmless water vapor! See MoreSee Less

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Tutoring Monday – Thursday

3:00-4:00, and During Lunch & Flex

Full-Fledged CSF Tutoring

Wednesdays  3:00-4:00




Loyalton High School’s Freshmen Focus Class’s first attempt at whiteboard animation video about the value of having a Flexible Mindset, made possible through the Sierra Schools Foundation.  SEE PSA  VIDEOS.


At meetings this Thursday 7-21-16 …bring money for fair exhibitor dry fit shirt ($14) and or hooded sweatshirt ($22). Parents, sibling and more can order too!. All exhibitors will have names on back under species. Proof coming soon! Please send selfie with your animal for banner. See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Meetings this Thursday…. Look at posts.
Friday Lassen Beef Show.
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6 days ago

Hog Calling Contest at Fair -Wednesday August 10th 5 pm.
Ladies and Gentleman’s’ Lead (costume) August 11th, 6pm .
$ 5 entry that day and buckles to champions and prizes to 5th place.
Sponsored by Indian Valley 4-H Club
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6 days ago

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Nineteen Loyalton High and Downieville High students took the first locally-given Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) workshops either last fall or this spring at Loyalton High as funded and sponsored by the Sierra Schools Foundation. LHS teachers Janet McHenry and Kim McKinney taught the sessions, which were over three Saturday mornings for each set. Pictured from left are LHS juniors Austin Schwary, Chase Grandi, Allie Davis and Morgan Bowling. photo


The number of minutes spent in reading correlate positively with reading achievement, and other academic advancement.  Students who scored at the 90th percentile spent five times as many minutes as children at the 50th percentile and more than 200 times as many minutes as children performing at the 10th percentile.

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